Being a vegetarian, our company is always seeking partners who are like-minded.  People who share the same love for animals and want to lead a life of compassion. We also seek products that are cruelty-free and allow us to live guilt-free.

Choosing the right makeup and hair care brands can be quite a task these days.  Proofs  and claims before purchase are an absolute must. For the sake of beauty,  is it worth wearing blood on your lips?  Can one bear to ignore the shrieks  and pain of animals as they are skinned, de-furred, and shut your eyes as their eyes are plucked out?

The real questions to ponder on are: Is the product tested on animals? Are the ingredients at any point been tested on animals?

How do we navigate through the mumbo-jumbo of confusing claims?  Because, with animal-testing, there are many shades of grey.


Squirrels are adorable. But not on a make-up brush.


“Hey there buddy! I’ve had a bad hair day. Please get me outta here…”


You think that’s a botox? I’m just petrified looking at my folks 🙁


Face pack anyone? Me and my rescue mechanism (Just so they don’t spot me ;))


Detox Ritual – I chill here on most days, when I’m not in the lab.


We’re pretty inside-out… helping you be prettier. Powder puff anybody?



No reason justifies this right?

So don’t forget to go through the fine print before you make a purchase.


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