Having grown up in Mumbai, I recall taking summers for granted. But as time went by, I realized how blessed a sun-kissed place is. And thus began my tryst with summer, which spills over into my work effortlessly.

Designing summer wear is exhilarating, as you may have witnessed at the recent Lakmé Fashion Week. Since comfort is central to all my work, the choice of fabric and Indian summer go hand in hand. Different fabrics lend themselves to different silhouettes, patterns and seasons.

I have picked some easy and flowy outfits from ‘Alchemy’ that not only look great but also feel good for day occasions:

Summer Brunch:

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Combat heat waves with malkha – perfect for a Sunday brunch. An artistic fusion of ‘malmal’ and ‘khadi’, malkha is a variety of cotton that can only be produced using hand-woven techniques. As a long-time champion of traditional craftsmanship, malkha, to me, signifies a deep connect with our motherland.

Malkha is incredible as a conductor, it dissipates heat naturally leaving you cool and comfortable through the day. And what makes it a go-to choice is the wide silhouettes it can be stitched into. This easy-breezy and ultra-feminine natural malkha tabard is apt for a sweltering afternoon. Featuring an intricate medley of embroidery, the ensemble can easily go from a brunch to Haldi ceremony with jadau earrings, matha patti and a punch of red lipstick.

For men’s bandis, malkha is again a clear preference for me. Just because it’s summer, men don’t have to give up on layering. With a lightweight fabric like malkha, a bandi could be the next best thing after beer in summers.

Day Wedding Occasions

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I absolutely adore day weddings. The divine radiance of natural sunlight casts a balmy glow on the festivities, making the atmosphere so much livelier. That said, I do realise how important it is to feel good in your outfits on your special day. And why should the weather be allowed to play spoilsport?

When it comes to the lehenga in summers, organza cuts it like no other. Easy to run around and dance in, its sheer and lightweight properties will make you forget all temperature woes. This powder blue and yellow lehenga here serves the two-fold purpose of being liberally embellished yet uber-comfortable at the same time.

For men’s sherwani, silk’s natural temperature regulator properties make it a winner all the way. Providing warmth in winters and coolness in summers, it pairs exceptionally well with most silhouettes. Raw silk, particularly, has an intrinsically lustrous and regal feel. What’s more, silk does a phenomenal job in lending structure, which is key to getting the sherwani right.