(Psst… you can stuff them in your Lehenga pockets)


One of the best things about being a bride is having sisters, brothers, friends, neighbours and strangers cater to your every need on the wedding day. But some of us also love to carry our own bunch of essentials. I get it. Hence, me and my team wanted to add the finest creations of the fashion world to our bridal couture—Lehengas + pockets!

Here are things that you NEED in your pockets on your special day…


Your phone

Because no one knows your selfie angle better than you…


Or even your favourite chocolate, to keep you going on your special day. And if you share my ideals of ‘food first, everything else later’ carry a granola bar. You might get caught up in the hustle and bustle of your wedding for a proper meal.

Your Lipstick

You’re going to be photographed all day long and a basic lipstick touch-up is mandatory.

A miniature perfume bottle

As the bride, you’re probably going to be hugged more than ever before. A small bottle of perfume in your pocket sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it? I always prefer a tiny spray on my shoulder every few hours at occasions like this.


You ALWAYS cry at weddings, even if you’re not the bride. Always.

Your secret pick me up

You’re going to need your power song, your couple song and your happy song before heading to the mandap. Just a pair of wireless earphones in your pocket and you’re all set.


Lehengas with pockets are your best friend this day. I promise.


Bonus Essential

For all you beautiful brides who might be a little nervous and anxious, guess what fits into your pocket, perfectly?

Your personal stress buster

Mine is a small squeezy ball. All you need to do, is calm yourself with your hands deep in your Lehenga pockets (yes, we really make pockets big enough to fit a squeezy ball).


Pro tip from a Bridesmaid: They need pockets too!POCKETS-06