Stepping into the season of birdsongs and dancing leaves, the Earth explodes in a riot of colours and dewy textures. Hushed whispers make their way into our hearts, with Songs of Summer.

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Songs of Summer 2018

Amidst the deep greens of Coorg, we celebrate the magical forest wedding that we’ve always dreamt of. Tall trees sway to her rhythm, as our bride steps onto the aisle of nature with birdsongs in her mind. Wildflowers and coffee blossoms await in delight.

Our spring/summer collection celebrates two souls in love, exchanging vows against the rustic beauty of Earth and of life, in the lush wilderness of Coorg, Karnataka.

Our Spring/Summer 2018, in Coorg

The textures of a summer breeze and whiffs of sweet coffee blossoms embraced us as me and my team strolled in the woods of Coorg. We were delighted to see the coffee estates flaunting their pristine white blossoms for us.

The coffee country of Coorg blossoms once, every year. Honeybees and butterflies dance over thousands of acres of enchanting white flowers. Under the shade of tall deep greens, Coffea Arabica blossoms only for about a month in Coorg. The exhilarating perfume of blossoms still stays with us, even weeks after our visit, reminding us of our beautiful experience.

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