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Anita Dongre x Paperless Post


Over the years, I’ve received wedding invitations enough to fill several almiras over. Like clockwork, every wedding season the invitations arrive, bearing their good news in all shapes and sizes. While I consider myself incredibly fortunate for my loved ones, who care enough to include me in their celebrations, one can’t help but wonder at the sheer excess of these paper and cardboard invitations. Thick packets with elaborate invites for each individual ceremony, often accompanied by ornate packaging, leaves one wondering what to do with the invitations once the dates have been duly noted in one’s calendar. How long is appropriate to wait, before the entire lot gets tossed?

It seems just as elegant and easier (on the eyes and the pocket) to share good news in an understated, less wasteful way. As far as wedding invitations go, all roads point to digital!

An Inside Look at the Collection

Our recent collaboration with Paperless Post brings the artistry of our designs to life, through a bespoke collection of digital wedding invitations for all the traditional ceremonies, from your Haldi to your Sangeet. The collection pairs patterns and motifs from our favourite runway looks, with stunning invitation designs.

Our digital invitations are also for the perfectionist in you! This collection is for all the brides and grooms hunting down subtle elements to add that perfect note of harmony to your wedding proceedings; For the bride hoping to match the orange blossoms on her Mehendi lehenga with the décor at the event; For the groom looking for just the right shade of blue to match his wedding sherwani with his groomsmens’ attire. Our customisable invitations are designed to coordinate with each of your wedding events, in signature Anita Dongre style.

An Eco-friendly Love

Since the collection is entirely digital, it is in line with our core values, making this an environmentally conscious way to share a special milestone with your friends and family from near and far.

Capture that perfect moment in time

We always aim to provide a one-of-a-kind experience to our clients. Weddings are all about intimacy, togetherness, and the coming together of two different families with their distinctive styles, to find harmony. The quest for this harmony is what gives us pleasure in designing ensembles for the entire family to capture that perfect moment in time. Crafting wedding invites with the theme, mood and feel of the events is a natural extension of that, lending synergy and mood to the most memorable moments of your life.