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Born out of the need to provide steady opportunities to skilled artisan communities, Anita Dongre Grassroot interprets heirloom traditions from the heart of Indian villages into contemporary, sustainable fashion.


Our mission is to revive and sustain traditional Indian crafts, and empower rural artisans with better livelihoods though continuous collaborations. We work directly with artisans as well as a network of NGOs to empower them and create better livelihoods. This effort is reversing the effects of labour migration, while embracing design that is good for the planet.

The dream is to create fashion that empowers artisans, revives India’s dying crafts and cares about the environment.


In traditional Indian communities, women aren’t always given equal right; every step is a battle – whether it is in villages or big cities. Their ‘job’ is to care for their children and husband. In all honesty, they are the very foundation that holds the family together.

As we scoured rural India in search of artisan communities to collaborate with, we found that the main challenge women faced was the direct correlation between contributions to the family income and the value of opinion they held in society. Dependable income was a game changer!

We are an instrument of change, providing rural artisans, especially women, with a consistent source of income and appreciation. We collaborate with a network of NGOs and also work directly with artisans to empower them financially, driving each community to become a self-sustaining unit.


By collaborating with artisans and craft communities, we use fashion to ensure empowerment through accessible employment. Additionally, 5% of every purchase provides health and education intervention in these artisan villages. Villages where women now lead change.


We are already experiencing the effects of decades of neglect and it isn’t going to get any better with time. We believe the future of fashion is sustainability, and every design house should make an effort towards it.

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. Our green headquarters are designed to use eco-friendly technologies and practices to minimize our waste, water, and energy footprints. We work during daylight to conserve energy and practice wastewater management.

We are also firm believers in equality – for humans and animals alike. All our accessories are made from cruelty-free, PETA approved materials.

We believe in creating beautiful tomorrows for both our crafts and the planet. We look towards the future, practicing and building processes that are sustainable, innovative and environmentally conscious.

Brand Profile

Grassroot by Anita Dongre is a contemporary platform created for the artisans of India. The objective is to nurture our treasure chest of handcrafted traditions by reviving, sustaining and empowering the arts and artisans by ensuring continuous work and creating livelihoods. The brand is a tribute to India’s handcrafted traditions and fashions them into contemporary tales. Grassroot is a luxury prêt brand that appeals to today’s evolved, sophisticated global woman who understands the value of slow fashion and has the fine taste to appreciate the legacy of craft by hand.

"Grassroot is the embodiment of my core passions – to design clothes that are beautiful and hold a purpose." – Anita Dongre

Born in Mumbai, Anita Dongre graduated from SNDT College in Fashion Design in 1984. From a very early age, Anita had great clarity about wanting a career in fashion. Growing up, Anita spent her summers with her grandparents in Jaipur, a city that continues to inspire her even today. Her love for India’s traditional crafts stem from her experiences with rural artisans in Jaipur.

Anita's deepest fear is losing out on the age-old, handcrafted traditions of India. Her goal is to revive and sustain heirloom crafts from the most remote villages of India, while empowering the artisans, the custodians of these long-standing traditions. Anita believes that even a lifetime of her work may not be enough to restore the vast heritage our country possesses. This has been the driving force behind Grassroot.

Grassroot started out as a rather idealistic plan of bringing together artisans from across India and reviving crafts that formed the backbone of India’s fame in the old days. Today, the brand stands for the revival of craft heirlooms and empowering artisans. This is Grassroot at its core.

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