Born out of the need to provide steady opportunities to India’s skilled artisan communities, Grassroot translates heirloom traditions from the heart of Indian villages into contemporary, sustainable fashion for the globetrotting woman.

The birthplace of Grassroot, India, is an untapped wealth of traditional skills. Skills that have been passed down through generations, beautifying and sustaining the aesthetic and economic veins of the country. Skills that now face an imminent danger—death by waning demand and easier processes.

We live in a ruthless world. A world of ruthless speed and ruthless excess. In an endless pursuit of getting things done faster, forgetting the flipside.

Our mind can paint a grim picture of this world of the future. Of a world where intricate art gives way to superficial stamps, where carefully crafted designs give way to robotic patches, where the delightful imperfections of handwoven cloth give way to lifeless textile, where the reds of the madder tree root give way to rivers of industrial waste, where the warmth of a human hand gives way to the steely thuds of machines.

We’re trying to flip the flipside.

Grassroot is the marriage of a cultural heritage and a cultural revolution. Chic, urban silhouettes that are relevant to the woman of today’s world that still retain the priceless traditions of times past.

Grassroot is an instrument of change, making women artisans in-charge of their own lives.

We’re giving fashion the slow, steadfast care it and its makers deserve. It’s painstaking and laborious, like all works of art. But so very soulful, like all works of art.