The hands of a woman—careworn, strong, nifty yet delicate, just like the woman herself. Pulsating with the fervour of tasks to do, from dawn to dusk. Pulsating with skill, passed on through generations.

The woman in the villages of India is a powerhouse. Single-handedly tackling everything, right from irate children to demanding families. She threads the existence of a family together, and sometimes, just sometimes, when time permits, she threads the needle. The hands pulsating with skill give way to works of art. Stunning, intricate works of art that bloom, quietly within the confines of her home.

It is this very woman, who we work with at Grassroot. The woman with the magic hands, upholding her family, her cultural heritage, and now, with a little help from us, her life. Our women artisans give us their precious heirloom handiwork and we fashion them into contemporary designs, viable for the world of today.

The world of fashion is fickle, and we attempt to keep the craft traditions alive by constantly helping the artisans cater to the demands of today.

For the woman of the world, for the woman in villages, and for her generations to come.

For the woman artisan—careworn, strong, nifty, delicate, and now, empowered.