Sustainability: We believe in creating beautiful tomorrows, for both our crafts and the planet. We look towards the future, practising and building processes that are sustainable, innovative and environmentally conscious.

Eco-Friendly: We are an eco-friendly company and respect the planet we live on. We make every effort to ensure we don't harm the environment. While we may have a long way to go in terms of being completely green, all our steps are to walk towards being environmentally conscious, responsible and sensitive. We start work early and finish early, managing work during daylight hours. Our intelligently-designed headquarters have a free flow of light and air to minimise energy consumption. Built on green principles, it is earth-friendly and in sync with nature. We cherish and conserve our resources, including practicing waste and water management.

Handmade With Love: The handcrafted traditions of India are priceless. They are earth-friendly. They follow age-old processes and methods that are closest to nature and don't harm the environment. We work with artisans from India's remotest villages and partner with like-minded NGOs who are conscious of the need to protect our crafts and our planet.

Cruelty-Free: We believe in living with compassion. None of our products consist of fur, leather, skin or products of animal origin. Our designs are solely for good, and we believe no good can come out of cruelty.

Affiliations: We associate, collaborate and support organisations that share our belief of a cruelty-free, sustainable world. Be it village artisans, NGOs committed to sustaining the craft traditions of India, animal-welfare organisations or government trusts.